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Time Hire

First Car Rental's Fleet Mix boasts a range of rental cars for hire, from luxury vehicles to budget cars. If you want to rent a vehicle type within a Car Group, please request the vehicle when booking your car rental. However, please note that we are unable to confirm a specific vehicle within the group, but will try our utmost to accommodate your request.

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Booking Car, AirLine, Hotels

Planning your trip can be almost as exciting as the journey itself. From finding accommodation to renting a car, we’ve got everything you need to make planning your next outing as easy as possible.

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Model 4

Hotels and Accomodation. Morbi.

Inri travel covers travel destinations to all South African provinces. Accommodation solutions that are provided by Inri travel include: * Hotels,* B&B,* Guest Houses,* Lodges Resorts & more.

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Time Hire. Convertible,Luxury Sedan.

Inri travel provides vehicle-hire solutions include: * Executive cars,* Luxury cars,* Standard sedans,* Mini-buses,* Buses,* Coaches.

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Airline Tickets, Bookings, Car Rentals. Bookings any.

Another distinct advantage lies in carefully chosen locations for each of our hotels, which put you in close reach of the country’s many celebrated attractions. Beaches, cultural landmarks, historical sites, museums, restaurants, nature reserves and many other highlights can all be enjoyed once you have settled in to your chosen hotel. Our friendly hotel staff are also here to make sure that you have all the assistance you need, whether you wish to hire a car, organise a tour or find out more about the area you are visiting.