Who We Are

Welcome to Inri Travel Agency is are vibrant, dynamic and focuses exceptionally on its clients and its people.

Inri was established in 2008 and has grown to become the masters in corporate travel.Providing a comprehensive professional service through our strategic travel management programme, cutting edge technology and passionate consultants. Our stated objective is to strategically partner with our clients and align ourselves closely with their company objectives. Our clients'

Our Team Members

Chief Designer
Managing Director

Mike Mpikeleli is the co-founder and CEO of Inri Travel, planet earth’s #1 cloud travelling solution designed for small business owners. In 2003, Mike built Traveller for his agency firm, scratched his own itch, then moved into his parent’s basement for 3.5 years to get Traveller off the ground. Since then over 5,000,000 people have used Traveller to save time searching and collect billions of dollars. Mike and his team dedicate themselves to executing extraordinary experiences everyday for small business owners who want to focus on the work they love, instead of on their paperwork.

Fashion Designer
Finance Analyst

Suzan isn’t your typical finance lady. In fact, you may have talked to her on the phone or via email if you’re a Traveller customer. She spent three years on the support team and that’s where she found herself to be comfortable with numbers and accounting. Having had a myriad of experiences, She brings a unique perspective to the world of financial analysis. For fun, Suzan runs sports night at Traveller, leads a choir club, participates in the improve community and in an axe throwing league, plays board games, and drinks good rum. She also played in a band for three years called Tea and Coffee.

Visual Artist
Web Master

Macabesto was born of nuclear winter survivor zombie parents in an alternate reality in which the cold war escalated to a complete and mutual nuclear annihilation. His mutant DNA gave him the power to transcend this nuclear wasteland into your reality and take the form of a regular human boy. He has been commissioned by the Traveller corporation to control their fleet of advanced super computers through his astounding radioactive aura. The traveller corporation intends on harnessing these state of the art algorithmic computing machines to overcome biggest threats to mankind. traveller - Your well-being is our top priority (TM).